Step by Step

Step by Step is small NGO, but strong innovative training company with the main focus on non-formal training and development on international level. The company has been at the forefront of introducing new, interesting, and innovative teaching and training methods in the field of adult education and entrepreneurship. We have long experience in structuring and conducting different research in the labour market as well as working closely with diverse company in many fields, creating, composing, and running big training sessions for our customers.
Through our work and projects, we have created different strategies and we have published online books both in the field of adult training and entrepreneurship. We have worked closely with the labour market and we have established extensive network in the adult learning sector. She the website and different project as well as Facebook

Hansína B Einarsdottir, Project Manager. She has extensive experience working with diverse companies, developing educational project, creating and presenting different seminar on a global level for the past decades. She is an entrepreneur, not only running her NGO training and research company, she also started up her own hotel ( with her husband which they developed for more than 10 years.
She has been working on governmental level as well as for the private sector, managing different project for adult people in their working life. Her email contact is [email protected]

Jon Rafn Högnason, project manager Step By Step. He started his carrier by working for many years for Icelandic hotels holding a different job from running the restaurant up to taking over as a food & beverages management. In the year 1985 he opened up his first restaurant, a fast food chicken place called “The Crown Chicken “ which was among the first Icelandic’s fast food places and he founded and built up the boutique hotel Glymur with his wife during the years 2000 – 2010. Over the last years he has been working as a project manager, developing diverse projects and seminars for rural tourism in Iceland and Europe. He has been working in different Nord Plus projects as well as being a mentor in some of the Erasmus project. In this project he’s responsible for finances, bookkeeping and training.
[email protected]

Dr Herdís D. Baldvinsdóttir , project manager has worked independently for most of her working life. She has mainly worked on research programmes on many diverse matters, like trade unions, power and leadership structures within organizations, equality matters etc. As well as working with Step by Step on different issues in the Tourism field. She worked for almost 7 years for the Nordic Council of ministers as the Coordinator for Consumer Research in the Nordic Countries. The last few years she has worked independently on many different projects in Iceland, Greenland, Britain as  well as in other countries. In this project she is responsible for the Mobility Tool work, collecting timesheets from partners and assisting in writing the interim reports as well as the final report.
[email protected]

Anna Hognadottir , project manager. She has strong business experience from USA, Iceland, and Denmark. She has prior worked for and was at that time, responsible for digital training programs for hoteliers in the Nordics, helping those businesses to work with; on-line travel agencies and using IT in marketing and selling. She has good background in training and creating teaching material in the field of adult education. She is well experienced project manager and has been participating in diverse program with Step by Step over the year. She has been specializing in digital literacy trainings, with focus on bridging the gap between digital natives and digital immigrants. She has over 20 years of experience within the field of communication and digital literacy. In this project she will be participating in training seminars and developing online adult educational tools.
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